Deadalus v.1.11

Daedalus is a polyphonic synthesizer with special attention paid to MIDI controls such as Pitch Bend, Modulation Wheel, Velocity and Aftertouch. It has been developed for the performing musician in mind.

Key Features:
•2 Pulse width modulated oscillators
•Octave tune
•Semi tune
•Fine tune (VCO2)
•Keyboard tracking
•Envelope modulation
•PWM mode and modulation
•VCO2-to-1 modulation
•Oscillator sync
•Oscillator volume
•Dual mode noise oscillator
•1 separate 12dB/octave hipass filter
•4 filter modes (1x 12dB/oct, 3x 24dB/oct.)
•Envelopes (ADSR)
•2 BPM syncable LFOs
•Shape invert
•Trig mode
•Modulation destinations and sources
•Key mode (mono, poly and unison)
•Unison detune
•Main tuning
•Main Volume
•Extensive MIDI Control section including
•Pitch Bend
•Modulation Wheel
•Play dependant release control

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