Alien Space Weaver - Free FX Vsti

Alien Space Weaver is a synth especially made for spacey, deep or dark atmospheric backgrounds, soundscapes and FX sounds.

It features 2 PCM wave oscillators. Oscillator 2 uses waveforms created from images - it contains 75 special samples (fairly long ones created from images, providing very spacey sounds). Play it slowly and let the sounds evolve.

2 PCM wave oscillators with separate external SF2 file (& option to load .wav).
1 24 dB resonant LP filter with Modulation.
1 12 dB resonant LP/HP filter with Modulation.
2 Filter bypass + modulation.
2 Bass Enhance.
2 SpookB Fx (different from the ones used before).
2 Delays with manual tempo offset; Pan and modulation.
2 Pan for undelayed signal.
6 LFO + 1 S&H as mod sources incl. manual tempo offset from x1 to x4.
1 Reverb.
1 "Nuthin ?" special modulation to Filter.
5 Lazy Buttons (use 'All' for limitless patch switching).
380+ Patches (more in preparation as well as further wavesets).

download vst

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