Impakter - Drum Kits Vst Plugin

Impakter is a vintage drum module plugin containing over 300 samples of original drum sounds generated on analogue synths and drum machines.

It’s simple and fun to use with a few advanced features to give some variation and randomisation on every loop.

Gear used:- Analogue synths: Korg MS20, Roland Juno60, Gakken SX-150.- Analogue drum machines : Yamaha MR-10, Korg KPR-77, Antonelli Organ 2377 rhythm box, Mattel Synsonics.- Analogue processing: Electro Harmonix Micro synth, Mam VSR3 spring reverb, Lexicon reverb, Boss GE-10 equalizer, Tube compressor, analogue VCA compressor.- Vintage synths: Yamaha TX81-Z FM synth.

* 320 original electronic drum samples generated on vintage hardware synths and drum machines.
*4 modules for kick, snare, hats and percussion sounds.
* Each module can host 2 samples and trigger either depending on user defined probability.
*2 levels of randomising can be assigned to each modules volume, pan, decay and pitch for variation.every loop.
* Boomer module has resonant low pass filter and dirt control.Smacker module has resonant band pass filter and dirt control.
*Tweeter module has tempo-sync repeat function with hold.
*Lazer module has tempo-sync delay function with damping.
*2 midi triggers for Smacker for differently pitched sounds.
* 3 midi triggers for Lazer for differently pitched sounds.
* 2 midi triggers for Tweeter for different decay envelopes.
*2 stereo outputs for separate post processing.
*Global envelope decay control.
*52 presets covering a range of sounds and styles.

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