Venom VB-303 - Free Bass Vst Plugin

Venom VB-303 is inspired by the classic Roland 303 Bass Line synthesizer.

TheVB-303 Synthesizer has a very simple single-voice structure. TheSequencer controls the synthesizer using 3 signals: Gate / Pitch /Accent. It's possible to bypass the pattern sequencer and use the VB-303as a monophonic synthesizer. There are a few controls on the rearpanel:

  • TM3 – Filter cutoff offset.
  • TM4 – Oscillator pitch offset.
  • TM5 – Oscillator pitch width.
  • RESO BOOST – Filter feedback boost.
  • DC-CLICK BE GONE – Removes the small DC offset between the Filter and Amplifier.
  • SLIDE TIME – Adjusts the Slide speed.
At the end of the Synthesizer audio chain, thereis a Multi-Distortion unit (bypassable) and a 1st order HP filter with adownsampling FIR filter which mimics an usual audio interface ADC.

download vst

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