Euthymia Electronic Organ - Free Organ Vst Plugin

Euthymia Electronic Organ V2 is a VST HAMMOND organ clone.

The Euthymia Organ is a Hammond Clone Simulation. Clean Sine Drawbars for 2 Manuals and Bass Pedals, 2 Percussion Oscs with the 9 "Standard" Harmonics, a Key Click Imitation, Vibrato/Chorus, the Overdrive and all the work behind the Graphics made this instrument more professional.

* 147 Notes Polyphony.
*9 Steps Drawbars.
*9 "Standard" Drawbars for the Upper Manual, 9 for the Lower and 4 for the Pedal (16', 5 1/3', 8', 4') with a Clean Sine Sound.
*2 Percussion Oscs with the 9 "Standard" Harmonics. Adjustable Decay and Level. A Knob switches Off/On.
*Key Click Imitation (for both Manuals). Adjustable Attack/Release, Carrier and Level.
*Vibrato/Chorus. Adjustable Mix, Speed, Depth and Delay. A Knob works as a Selector between Vibrato and Chorus. 2 Knobs are available for Off/On. One for the Upper and one for the Lower Manual.
*Midi Channel Selectors for the 2 Manuals and the Pedal.
* Adjustable High, Tone, Tune and Level.
*32 Programms available.
*A LCD Screen.
* Vintage Look GUI.
*Low CPU consumption.

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