basiQ - Free Equalizer Vst Plugin

basiQ is an acronym for Baxandall simulation equalizer.

It is a 3-band equalizer plugin with photorealistic graphics from Kuassa, Inc. As the name implies, the engine are modeled after a design of classic baxandall equalizer well known for its smooth shelves and natural-sounding responses, similar to the tone control on a hi-fi systems. The simple controls allow you to shape the frequency from many sources to your needs, from opening up an air on guitar leads, adding a gentle shimmer on vocals, giving extra ‘oomph‘ on your synth basslines, or even getting more presence from your masters.

This straightforward equalizer are well-suited for mixing or mastering purpose although the neutral characteristic of basiQ are more suitable as a ‘sweetening‘ device or giving some transparent ‘tilt‘ to your mix rather than a surgical device, best paired on master output with Kratos Maximizer, another audio processing plugin from Kuassa, Inc.

Simple tone control with large Low, Mid, and High knobs
Preset Management with 12 preset slot within a single bank
Mono and Stereo applicable
Supports up to 96 kHz Sample Rate
Compact and straightforward user interface

Download Vst

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