Symphonic Ensemble - Free Modulation Vst Effect

The Symphonic Ensemble is a Vst plugin inspired on the Chorus/Ensemblemodules found on some very well known vintage Strings Machines.

It is a special kind of Chorus in the way that employs three independentstages of chorus linked in parallel, modulated at a different phase andrate each, and then mixed with the original sound to impart that somuch characteristic Strings Ensemble sound. It is a far more richereffect than chorus by itself and it can instantly turn any harsh or dullwaveform into something organic and alive.

Initially and because this was an effect only found on strings machines,some may say that it is most vocationed for synthesized sounds butusing it on guitars can be very rewarding too, as for other soundmaterials?, well its up to the users taste of course, but hereexperimentation is a must. The controllers are very few, meaning thatwith little tweaking you can get "That" sound right there on the spot.

The Symphonic Ensemble is fully automatable and has the ability to store 32.

Download vst

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