Alpha-Ray - Free Subtractive Vst Instrument

Alpha-Ray is a powerfull 2 oscillator + 1 sub-oscillator VA synth.

2 main Oscillators and 1 Sub-Oscillator / 10 Voices polyphony.
2 main LFOs and 1 modulation LFO (pitch wheel), tempo host sync and phase sync.
3 Filter, a 6 dB HP, a 24 dB Ladder or a main 12 dB State Variable Filter. The 6dB Filter coupled to the main filter gives a BP filter.
OSC FM with OSC 1+2 and OSC Sync with OSC 1+2.
Polyphonic Overdrive for OSC 1, 2 and sub OSC.
Auto Portamento.
Comprehensive manuals in German, English, French and Italian.
MIDI Learn for the most important functions.
Additionally, unlocking A-R for 4.95€ enables saving the effects settings per patch.
2 stage Overdrive.
3 stage Chorus.
Delay 'x' and ' normal mode, tempo sync to host.
Special Reverb, delay cluster, normal reverb, oil tank effect.

Download vst

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